Friday, February 13, 2009

Best Wood for a Wall Mount Shelf

When shopping for wall mount shelf options, you will find a huge variety. There are different sizes, colors, styles, designs, and of course, materials. Today, people still gravitate to a wood wall mount shelf in that it adds warmth and charm to any room. To ensure your shelving will last for years while maintaining its beauty, it is important to choose the best wood. Remember, every wood species has its own characteristics, meaning that some types of wood look better in a formal or informal room than another.

We wanted to show you some of the pros and cons of different woods used for a wall mount shelf so you can better determine what will look best while still being fully functional for your favorite display items. Some types of wood are very common while other species are considered exotic. Again, the key when looking to make or purchase a wall mount shelf of wood is the wood itself in that you want the shelving to look great but provide a strong, durable, and long-lasting solution.

Cherry – This is a popular type of wood used for a wall mount shelf in that the reddish hue looks rich and warm. Additionally, cherry is extremely easy to work with, it takes finishes quite well, and as it ages, it becomes darker.

Mahogany – Another great wall mount shelf wood is mahogany, especially for formal rooms. This is a gorgeous wood with a deep hue that is strong and hard.

Teak – Although you do not see that many shelving units made of teak, this is a magnificent wood species that has beautiful grain qualities, a surface that can be stained, and wood that is easy to cut.

Walnut – The wall mount shelf made from walnut will be very strong and durable but also gorgeous in appearance with its deep tones.

Red Oak – Oak is a popular type of wood for shelves, especially making them since this is an easy species to work with. Oak can also be stained easily and it is a very strong, long-lasting material.

Koa – You might also consider Koa for your wall mount shelf, being the hardest of all wood species but also very lightweight. The shellac finish is simply stunning, making an excellent addition to a dining room, bedroom, or dining room.

Wenge – Although this wood species is a little more challenging to work with because of the potential for splintering, it is also a beautiful choice for a wall mount shelf with its dark, ebony coloring.

Paduak – If you have an informal room or a bedroom where you want something with a little more funk, then a wall mount shelf of Paduak would be ideal. This wood has a unique reddish orange color that is modern and unique.

Purpleheart – The last wood species we wanted to mention for a wall mount shelf is called Purpleheart. The color is purplish and the wood itself very dense and heavy. Unless you are a skilled craftsman, we suggest you purchase shelving of this material already made because it is hard to work with but if you want shelving that can hold heavier, more dramatic pieces, this is the perfect option.

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